Content Marketing Coaching & Starter Package

Content Marketing Coaching & Starter Package

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1: 1 Content Marketing Coaching for Entrepreneurs



  • an online, service-based business?

  • sick to death of CHASING customers?

  • motivated to do the work to start ATTRACTING customers?

  • unsure of how to make a real connection with your ideal customers through your own content?

  • clueless when it comes to creating automated online systems?

  • ready to learn the steps, systems, and processes that will set your business up for long-term growth and success?

  • prepared to implement what you learn, and create a business that works for YOU?



If you're ready to TAKE ACTION and finally make this happen for your biz, you have come to the right place. 



After years of spinning my wheels and chasing customers myself, I was able to fine-tune the process that truly worked for me, and transformed my business. The system that was created through my own personal trial and error is exactly what you will learn in this unique coaching program.


The reason I call it a coaching program, rather than simply a training, is because the content is tailored to meet your specific industry, needs, and skillset. The end objective is always the same, but the way we get there will be different for each one of my clients. You may already have a blog, or you may not - whatever stage you're at, I can meet you there.


It's you and I working one-on-one together for an entire month, on YOUR biz. 



The end goal is simple.

You need to:


  • Truly understand what type of content your customers want from you

  • Learn the best ways to brainstorm, create, and distribute your content

  • Learn how to use your content to get prospects into your sales funnel

  • Learn how to create a sales funnel that will actually WORK

  • Learn how to use and implement automated email marketing programs for your sales funnel

  • Learn how to use social media and lead magnets to attract more prospects into your sales funnel and grow your email list

  • Create a consistent plan that will attract the RIGHT customers to your business, and have the automated systems in place to nurture those leads and build meaningful relationships



Here is the nitty-gritty of what you get from working with me for one glorious month:


  • 4 phone or Skype strategy sessions (1/week)

  • Unlimited email support for the full 4 weeks

  • Full strategy: this means getting clear on your message, the objective of the campaign, and creating a strategic plan to drive action from your audience.

  • Content calendar for you to follow and implement moving forward

  • Resources guide: learn what tools you need to be successful, economical and efficient.

  • Technical lesson: this covers choosing and setting up your email provider, creating sales funnels, nurture series, freebies, and landing pages.

  • List-building lesson: learn the strategies and tactics to grow your email list

  • Program content that is tailored to your industry and specific set of needs and business goals

  • BONUS: lesson on how to use Facebook groups as the primary FREE source to connect with prospects, and get leads entering your sales funnel



You'll finish the program with:


  • a clear content marketing strategy

  • a content calendar to follow

  • one completely automated sales funnel that's ready to go

  • one blog post created, edited, and published, that sends prospective customers down your sales funnel (this includes a read magnet, and a lead magnet, to capture that opt-in)

  • a clear understanding of how to continue creating and distributing content on your own

  • the ability to create freebies that grow your list

  • tactics on how to use social media organically to network and grow your email list

  • the ability and confidence to manage your own inbound content marketing plan that will serve your business for years to come


You will have all the tools and knowledge you need to pump out great content, grow your audience, and create authentic relationships you will be able to monetize. It's you and me, working one-on-one, to create the strategies and systems to grow YOUR biz.



What are you waiting for? Let's DO this!

You can pay with the button above, and then book your first Skype or Zoom strategy session here. You'll have some homework to complete prior to our first meeting, so please allow at least 48 hours so we can both be prepared and make the most of our first session. 



If you'd like to chat before booking to ensure this program is right for you, please start with booking a free consultation here.