About Me

Alex Morrison, owner of Malamax Content Marketing


Hey, I'm Alex.

My passion is helping you create the content and systems you need to start pulling your target customers into your business. Because chasing customers is so 1992. 


Content marketing works because it's what today's consumers WANT. People don't want to be sold to; they want to find relevant, timely information when and how they want it. When they're ready, they'll make a purchase based on the information the found. It's really that basic. 


The challenge for small businesses is to start creating that content and to become part of their audience's solution. That's where I come in. I can teach you the ropes so you can do this yourself, or I can take it off your plate and make it happen for you. 


And when I say extensive experience, I mean extensive. Prior to opening my own business, I spent 15 years working in a sales and marketing environment. I started at the ripe age of 15 selling newspaper subscriptions over the phone, back when that was still a thing. I know the value of hard work and what truly goes into creating something from nothing. 


I genuinely love what I do and feel blessed every single day that I am lucky enough to spend my time helping other entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. I invest my time and energy into every single client, and will always do my best possible work.


Creating the plan, content, and systems to ATTRACT customers to your business is what I do. 

I'd love to chat and see how I can help.