Sales Funnel Blueprint & Template

Sales Funnel Blueprint & Template

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This will be the most effective tiny investment you've ever put into your business. If you're collecting email addresses, SEAL THE DEAL with my proven service-based sales funnel. 

Are you an online, service-based business owner?


Are you a consultant or coach who relies on booking free consultations or discovery calls to land paying clients?


Are you creating content, capturing leads, and then doing nothing? If this sounds like you, keep reading.


Have you heard the saying, “Social media is for exposure. Email is for revenue.” before?

If you want to increase your revenue through landing more clients, here is your solution. If you’re blogging and collecting leads, this is your next step in turning those prospects into PAYING customers.

This 6-step sales funnel has been developed, tested, and tweaked over the last 3 years into a blueprint for service-based, online businesses who need to pitch free consultations or discovery calls to their leads.

This sales funnel will pull your prospects (a.k.a. your ideal clients!) along a nurturing journey.

They will get to know you, like you, and trust you. By the time you are pitching your free consultation, they will have already realized how much you have to offer. The people who say yes! and book will match your ideal client, and will often have already decided they want to work with you - before that initial meeting even happens.

The best part? The system is completely automated. You invest the time upfront to create it, and then you keep doing the work to get new leads into your funnel, and those sales calls will keep getting booked. My template gives you the exact messaging and formula to use. The entire process is automated through your email service provider, and you’re set.

This is the ideal scenario for any service-based, online business. The people that come to you are already primed, and ready to say YES. Don’t waste any more of your time and energy doing the wrong things.

Get started today and download my proven sales funnel blueprint for online, service-based businesses who rely on free consultations or discovery calls to book paying clients.

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