Why Inbound Marketing? Because It's What Your Customers Want.

Inbound marketing is about attracting, empowering, and educating your potential customers.


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It's about creating relationships long before your leads ever invest a dollar with you, and positioning yourself, or your company, as the trusted industry expert. This way, when the consumer is finally ready to make that purchase, you are the obvious answer. 


Historically, businesses have invested in outbound marketing.

These are your traditional and interruptive modes of advertising. Today? Consumers are in the driver's seat. They are the ones seeking out information, rather than sitting back and allowing companies to shout their messages. 
When a consumer is considering making a purchase, they embark on their own unique research project. This may include various searches on Google from their laptop, reading online reviews from their Smartphone, checking out the company's blog on their tablet, and seeing what their friends on Facebook have to say about the company. 
Whenever and where ever your customer happens to be searching for information, you want to be there. Your business must be there in a helpful, problem-solving way to truly deliver what the customer is looking for. 

Today's consumers want to be educated.

They want to find answers to their questions and find products and services that solve their problems. But the reality is that at least 3/4 of people who visit your website aren't ready to buy. This is where your inbound and content marketing strategy must align. Someone comes to your website, but they aren't quite ready to buy.
So what now? Do you let them just walk away and forget about you?
Absolutely not. This is your chance to make that connection, and start the relationship that you will eventually be able to monetize. 

I really like to use Hubspot's inbound marketing methodology to make sense out of consumer behavior.


inbound marketing

They state that you must first Attract potential customers.

Then, you Convert them into Leads and eventually close the sale.

But it doesn't stop there - next, you must Delight them with their experience.

Each stage requires different types of content, but with the right strategy in place, you can easily set up the systems to drive consumers down that line and turn strangers into customers.
Collecting user contact information is your currency in the inbound marketing world. When people come to your site, you need to convince them to give you their email address, so you can start and continue that relationship.
So if you've been thinking about investing in inbound marketing for your business, or wondering why everyone else seems to be doing it, the answer is simple: 

Businesses invest in inbound marketing because it's what today's consumers want! 

The first step in uncovering what your target customers want from you is taking the time to really get to know them. Grab your free Buyer's Persona guide here and get started today.
Alex Morrison, Content Strategist

Alex Morrison

Founder of Malamax Content Marketing

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