Use Facebook Groups To Get More Visitors To Your Business Facebook Page

How To Increase The Facebook Presence For Your Business Page With Groups


If you have a Facebook business page, chances are at some point you’ve felt frustrated with it. Known to be one of the most difficult social media business profiles to grow organically, Facebook doesn't make it easy.


We can assume this is because they want businesses to pay to play, but unfortunately, that just isn't an option for many businesses. If your advertising budget is small, or you're just starting out, there simply isn't enough money to go around. 


Growing organically can happen slowly with some long-term effort and commitment, but the more time you invest in it, the faster your fans will grow. That's assuming you’ve got something really great going on within your page that encourages people to stay.


One of the easiest and organic ways to increase the Facebook presence for your business page is via Facebook groups. They have grown at an astonishing level over the past few years and are a significant tool to have in your business toolkit. Not only are they are a great place to network and interact with similar people in your field, they provide a significant place where you can – indirectly – spread the word about your Facebook page and business. Most of these groups don’t allow for direct promotion, however having a regular and active presence on them can really help.


Here are 3 ways that operating within Facebook groups can help you to increase the presence and reach for your business page.



Daily Exposure Directly To Your Profile

When you’re a regular contributor to particular Facebook groups, you become a known, active member of the group. You are posting from your own personal profile, which is a clickable link. Providing that you have your info settings set to public, people will be able to see what you do, and what your business is. Ensure that you’re clear on what you do, and directly link to your Facebook page. People who are not your friends will be able to see the public information, easily hopping over to your business page. 


Recommendations & Knowledge

When you become an involved member of the group, word about you will spread. If someone asks for a recommendation for someone to help them with their website/taxes/logo design (and so on), your page and your name could be tagged, exposing you to lots of new faces and fans. In the same way, people want your knowledge; if you’re known to be an expert in a particular area, they’re going to head to your page for information and tips.


People Are In The Same Boat As You

Other group members will have Facebook business pages too; they’ll know how challenging it can be to get those numbers and engagement levels to rise. As you establish friendships and relationships, you’ll see likes appearing. Business owners like to support each other. Many groups also have weekly threads, where everyone shares their social profiles to grow their followers. These groups are full of people who want to support you, follow you, and receive the same back from you. 


Are you ready to increase the presence of your Facebook page through Facebook groups?


I've put together a list of my favorite groups for entrepreneurs. Grab the list here, and get started today with incorporating Facebook groups into your inbound marketing strategy!

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  • I use facebook groups to drive more than 80% of my traffic. It is a place to interract, and help each other if well used.


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