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Socializing With Your Business BFFs As A Marketing Strategy

Who uses Facebook as part of their marketing plan?


For some, it might be a passion they flock to daily, peppering their strategy with scheduling content and delving in and out of Facebook ads. For others, it might be a deal breaker; it just seems like a lot of work. Facebook is still developing, and while business pages may seem problematic and leave you feeling like you’re doing so much for little return, it might be time to experiment with Facebook groups.

Facebook will continue to change and develop, and while business pages may seem problematic and leave you feeling like you’re doing so much for little return, it might be time to experiment with closed Facebook groups.


A private community, it is essentially where people who work in similar fields as you – or simply run their own business, too - gather for advice, to share stories and connect with others. 


When you’re a small business owner, chances are that you work from home in the comfort of your office. It’s the dream, yes, and the business is growing strength by strength…but what happens when you want to ask someone for business advice? Or for somebody to give you feedback on a new design or proposal? 


Working from home is awesome, but long gone are the 9-5 office days when you could turn to a colleague beside you to ask for their opinion or take on an idea you had. When you want to brainstorm or ask for feedback on something, it’s just you and the dog/cat/partner (when they get home); this is great, yes, but wouldn’t it be good if you could connect to like-minded individuals who work in similar fields, and pick their brains?


Enter, Facebook Groups. 


There are thousands of groups out in the Facebook atmosphere, and if you find and access the right ones, you have the opportunity to meet some amazing people and make some great friends. They have the potential to become your business BFFs. 


And that’s one wonderful business tool to have. 



 facebook groups for entrepreneurs

How does it help your marketing? While you’re meeting new people and making great friends for life, you’re gracefully and subtly introducing them to your business; one that might be valuable to them or people they know. As your presence in the group grows and friendships develop further, your business network will expand and you’ll have access to some fantastic opportunities that will open doors for you.


It requires a little time each week, but with a good old cup of coffee and the potential for new friendships, this is definitely time well spent. 


Groups have become so widespread, that it is difficult to know where to find the best ones, and to know which ones will be beneficial. If you’re going to invest your time in a Facebook group, you definitely want to make sure you’re spending time on the best of the bunch. 


These groups are great places to meet your business BFFs and all of which are a community you can grow with and market your business.

I've put together a list of my current favorite groups you should check out - and don't worry, this list is updated regularly!


Grab the list here, and get started today with incorporating Facebook groups into your inbound marketing strategy.

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