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Facebook Groups: A Key Content Marketing Tool

Head to Facebook - I bet you belong to at least one group.


Perhaps it has nothing to do with your business; it might be a local group about your hometown, or a place for Moms to gather and share recipes. The point is getting where your target customers are.


If you haven’t done it yet, it's time to start finding and joining relevant Facebook groups to help grow your online business. While you can create your own, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of exceptional business groups on Facebook that are ready and waiting for you to join them. 


And they’re your next content marketing tool. Engaging the right way in Facebook groups gives you a method to continually get your content in front of people who want it, need it, and are potential customers.



Here are 5 ways you can use them for your online business marketing:


  1. Build your Facebook business page. When you become part of the group's community and regularly engage in the discussions, there will be countless opportunities to share your own Facebook business page. In doing so, you can grow your own fan base, and providing you deliver great content on your page, your engagement levels will grow too.

  2. Advertise, when allowed. Most groups don’t allow group members to advertise their website all the time, otherwise the group would become one big advert and lose its purpose. Instead, most offer set days or posts to do so. This is a great opportunity for you to advertise your business and showcase what really makes you special.

  3. Be an expert. A great way to market yourself consistently is to become the group specialist for your industry. Perhaps a group is for local businesswomen, and they’re in need of a particular skill-set. You could be the one who is able to provide this and become an expert. This, in turn, will lead to people checking out your site and services, because you're demonstrating you know what you're doing.

  4. Optimize your personal profile. As mentioned above, most groups won’t allow links most of the time, but you need to have a way for those who check you out to make that connection with your business. Ensure that if people click on your personal profile that your about section on Facebook links to either your Facebook page or your website. It’s effective, and it works. You can also create a custom featured image that directs people where you want them to go.

  5. Ask questions and start conversations. Members in groups are always willing to help out other members - that's really the whole point of these groups in the first place. Ask them for genuine advice on things relating to your business. You’ll not only get some fantastic and insightful responses, but anyone who is inquisitive will check out your business too. 


Are you ready to get involved in Facebook groups and change your business?


I've put together a list of my favorite groups for entrepreneurs. I keep the list updated, so grab it here and get started today with incorporating Facebook groups into your inbound marketing strategy!

 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs

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