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Customer Profiling: The Benefits Of Knowing Your Audience

When you want to market successfully to your audience, you need to understand exactly WHO your customer is. 


What age group are they in?

Where do they work?

What are their hobbies and interests?



An excellent customer experience is essential in today’s market. Consumers are very tuned-in and have access to a huge array of businesses online, and you need to compete for their attention. But it doesn't stop there. Once you've managed to get their business, you also need to fight to keep it. 


However, if you don’t know exactly WHO your audience is, you don’t have the tools to provide them with the most relevant and beneficial information and content from your brand. This means you can easily miss potential customers and cause prospective consumers to go elsewhere.


It’s time to get to know them, so that you learn what they want and need from you. 


What are the main benefits of knowing more about your audience?


You can advertise to them more effectively.

When you know who your audience is on a deeper more personal level, it gives you the ability to target them more proficiently and effectively. Your ads will be personalized and tailored specifically towards this particular consumer, which will ultimately lead to increased conversions and better ROI. Without this, your marketing efforts can wind up blurred and ambiguous, wasting money and time, and not delivering any results. 


You humanize your customer. 

 When you know exactly WHO your audience is, you’re essentially humanizing a stereotypical customer. You're painting a picture of who they are and what they need. When creating content for your market, it will be directed to this one single consumer.


You understand your customer.

 Customer profiling also allows you to send out communications and material that will be interesting and useful for your customers. Let's say you’re a food blogger and you send out a weekly newsletter to your customers that includes recipe suggestions. When you know that your ideal customer is a married mother of two, who is 35 and loves to bake, (let’s call her Jill), you can tailor content for her that she will LOVE. You will be providing Jill with valuable information that augments her life in some way. This will strengthen your fan base, as they’ll feel like you understand them. Because of this, they’ll want to experience more of what you have to offer.


You can engage with your audience.

 Knowing your customer inside and out allows you to engage with them on your social networks, and other marketing channels to make them feel like a valued customer. This will improve their overall brand experience and loyalty to you over the long-term, as well as encouraging them to recommend you to their friends and family. When you share a recipe idea that your customers get excited about, they are more likely to share this content to their own network. Take it a step further and thank them for sharing your content, and you'll have a customer for life.


Have you created a customer profile yet? Do you know what your ideal customer wants and what their goals and aspirations are?


If you’re ready to get a better picture of your audience, download your free Buyer’s Persona worksheet now!





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