Business Development for Marketing Agencies

It’s kind of ironic that so many marketing agencies struggle to keep their sales pipelines full, given that marketing is what they do. The reality though is that marketing and sales are two very different, and deeply connected, business practices. 

Marketing today is about communication. It’s about making authentic connections with your ideal customers and positioning yourself as the solution to their problem. It’s a far cry from the best practices of twenty years ago, but in this information-driven age, it’s consumers who are running the show and shaping how businesses market to them. 

Marketing to consumers and marketing to businesses is drastically different as well, so I want to make it clear that everything you’ll hear me preaching about is always B2B. B2C is not my area of expertise but helping businesses sell to other businesses is my jam. 

But back to my original point here — business development for marketing agencies can be tricky and it’s not easy to figure out exactly how to keep that sales pipeline full. Effective marketing will position your brand the right way to the right people, but often you need that additional step of outreach to be consistently closing deals. 

I’ve been working in sales and marketing for 15 years now. This month, I’m celebrating the 5th anniversary of Malamax Content Marketing opening its doors. I’ve seen a lot, tried a lot, had plenty of failures, and also learned (often the hard way) what works for marketing agencies, given that I am one. 

As a marketing agency today, you have so, so many options to connect with your audience. 

You can use:

  • Email Marketing 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, etc)
  • Video Marketing 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Networking (in-person and online) 
  • Cold Outreach (phone calls, emails, or in-person)
  • Local stuff (TV, magazines, radio, etc. — while old school they can still be effective in certain cases)

…. The list could go on, but I’ll stop there. With so many options, what’s the right choice for YOUR agency to secure a consistent sales funnel? 

What’s the right choice for your marketing agency to secure a consistent sales funnel?

The answer to this question is always going to start with your customers. Who are you selling to? Who is the decision-maker that you need to connect with on an individual basis to establish a relationship and land a new client? 

Every business is different, of course, but here is one thing I see over and over. If you’re a marketing agency, you’re selling to other businesses. More than likely, the person you need to connect with is a Founder, CEO, or CMO of another business. If this sounds like you, keep reading. Do you know what your magic trick is? LinkedIn. That’s right — LinkedIn. It’s not as sexy or exciting as some of your other options, but I assure you it’s what’s going to be the most effective. 

With the right strategy in place, LinkedIn is one of the BEST tools a marketing agency can use to build a consistently-full sales pipeline that will continue to deliver booked meetings with your target audience. 

Want to know more about using LinkedIn to scale your marketing agency? Learn more here.

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