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Becoming The Industry Expert In Your Facebook Groups

You're a member of several (if not more!) Facebook groups, but have you positioned yourself as the industry expert yet?


Facebook groups are steadily becoming a key place in which you can network and mingle with similar people, and they’re proving to be one smart business tool. 


You know what else they’re good for? Becoming an expert in your field.




Facebook groups are essentially offering a platform on which you can grow to stand out in a group, showcasing your know-how whilst becoming an engaged member of the community.


It won’t come without hard work; to become an expert takes time, dedication and a whole lot of perseverance. But it’s hugely worth it.



How do you even start?


  • First, ensure that your own personal profile makes it clear who you are, and what you do.


  • Make sure it links to your site too; many people will use your profile to check you out.


  • Use Facebook’s ‘Describe Who You Are’ section (which is public) to shortly – but clearly - describe what you do.


And then…the exciting work and expertise-building begins.

 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs


 Check out these 3 ways to make a start in becoming an industry expert: 


Provide Value To People

Most Facebook groups won’t allow self-promotion, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide and share tips; in fact, these will probably be welcomed with open arms. Post tips that will give really genuine and useful information to people about your specific area. You’ll receive praise and thanks, and when it comes to anyone needing a little further help in the area you work in, they’ll remember your face and name; hurrah! You’ll also be more likely to be recommended too. 



Give Feedback

In many Facebook groups, business owners just like yourself will consistently ask for feedback. It may be for an idea they’ve had, or a design they have sketched. If it is a topic you can genuinely help with, this a perfect opportunity to offer your expertise. In doing so, you’re coming across as a valued member of the community who knows what they’re talking about. Doing this on a regular basis will encourage others to approach you when they need your help.


Offer The Chance For Help

While posts offering self-promotion and blatant link advertising may be off limits, there shouldn’t be any harm in offering the chance for people to ask you questions. If you’ve built and established a good presence in the group, offer other members the chance to ask you any questions they may have about your area of expertise. Not only will you be helping others and showcasing your skills in the spotlight, but you’ll soon grow to be known as an expert in your field. 


Are you ready to become an industry expert in Facebook groups that are filled with your peers and target audience? 


I've put together a list of my favorite groups for entrepreneurs. Get the list here, and get started today with incorporating Facebook groups into your inbound marketing strategy! I look forward to seeing your expertise.



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